EPCs/Domestic Energy Assessments

More About Our EPCs/Domestic Energy Assessments Service

An EPC is a legal requirement when selling a residential property in England and Wales. This document is intended to inform interest parties, including potential buyers, about the energy efficiency of a property and to provide recommendations to enhance its energy performance.

The Energy Performance of Buildings Regulations in 2010 introduced several obligations related to the need for an EPC, including a new responsibility for the seller/landlord to ensure that an energy performance certificate (EPC) is commissioned before the property is marketed.

In summary:

  • An EPC is commissioned when a Domestic Energy Assessor is instructed to prepare it, and either payment has been made or a clear undertaking to pay for it has been given.
  • The person representing the seller/landlord has a duty to ensure that an EPC has been commissioned before commencing marketing.
  • Both the seller/landlord and their representative have a duty to make reasonable efforts to obtain an EPC within seven days.
  • The new regulations impose fixed penalties for non-compliance with these duties.
  • If you are planning to sell or let your property through BMH and require an EPC, we can assist you with the arrangements. Additional details are available upon request.

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